Shmidt Wins 2024 USA U23 Time Trial Championship

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By Chad Childers
21 May 24

Hagens Berman Jayco’s Artem Shmidt became the team’s sixth rider to win the USA Cycling U23 Individual Time Trial title on Wednesday in Charleston, West Virginia.

Artem averaged a blistering 32 miles per hour over the 20.9 mile long course, beating his closest rivals Troy Fields (Team California P/B Verge) and Owen Cole (UAE Team Emirates Gen Z), 2nd and 3rd respectively, by a whole minute.

“I was super motivated to do well in this TT,” said a proud Artem. “I haven’t won nationals since 15-16 [years old], a couple of podiums here and there, but definitely missed the feeling of putting on the jersey. So I went to altitude in Colorado to get some altitude gains, not particularly for the TT, but for the 2nd part of the season in general. I rode the TT bike a lot, 3 times a week, so I’ve definitely been putting in that work and feeling super blessed to pull it off.”

Notwithstanding, after peddling down the start ramp, the 20-year-old surprised even himself.

“I felt really, really good,” he said. “So good that I felt like I wasn’t going hard enough, but I knew I was flying and I knew a more controlled effort was necessary in this type of situation. Glad to keep it nice and steady instead of blowing up in the end.

“Winning, I mean, it’s such a relief. I’ve been working really hard this season and over the winter for some results so finally it feels good to win. Super blessed. Big thanks to all my people working with me and believing in me. Including HBA, Axel/Koos/Jens, John, Jamie, Gleb, Hot Tubes, Mission Source, Toby, friends and family.”

With no rest for the weary, Artem is already en route back to Europe for the second half of the season.

Photo: Kai Caddy

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