Darren's Story

Words: Chad Childers Stripes Date: 10 March 2023

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The Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team added a second American rider and the 2023 US Junior Road Race Champion, Darren Parham, to the 2024 roster. Darren joined the Axeon squad from the Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team.

“Joining Hagens Berman Jayco is an honor to me,” said Darren. “Since I started racing about three years ago, I’ve always had my sights set on riding for Hagens Berman Jayco. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity given to me by Axel and Koos alongside the rest of the staff and look forward to this upcoming season with our team.”

Darren’s 2023 Palmares:
US Junior Road Race Championships - 1st place

The 18-year-old Yucaipa, CA native considers himself to be an all-around rider that can sprint and climb well. Though, “time trials can be very on and off for me,” he said. “Next year I hope to improve my climbing ability, but also improve my ability to race smart and efficiently in these higher level races. Time trials are my favorite and I’m definitely looking to improve my time trialing and dial in better pacing strategies for specific races.”

“Darren is young and very green, but shows a lot of commitment and desire to learn and improve himself,” said team owner and director Axel Merckx. “We will have to see how he will adjust to the U23 category, but he has the right mindset.”

  • Spirit Animal: Grizzly Bear
  • Favorite post race meal: Nothing is better than some plain and simple rice and eggs!
  • What doesn’t belong on pizza: broccoli
  • Top of my bucket list: backpacking trip in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Most famous person in my cellphone: Ryan Reynolds
  • What country would I like to visit: Thailand
  • Would I rather $200,000 tomorrow or $500 per week for the rest of my life: Definitely $500 dollars per week for the rest of my life.
  • If a song played every time I walked in what would it be and why: Surfin’ by Kid Cudi because in the lyrics Kid Cudi mentions “Surfin” your own wave and I feel a big part of my life is focusing on surfing my OWN wave not someone else’s.
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