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Evan's Story

Words: Chad Childers Stripes Date: 10 March 2024

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Time trial specialist, Evan Boyle, is one of the two new Americans added to the Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team in 2024. Evan joined Axeon from Aevolo Cycling.

“Joining Hagens Berman Jayco is an honor for me and I look forward to continuing my cycling journey on the best development team in the world,” said Evan. “I will make the most of this incredible opportunity.”

Evan’s 2023 Palmares:
US U23 TT Nationals - 2nd place
US PRO TT Nationals - 4th place
U23 TT Worlds - 25th place

The 19-year-old from Alexandria, VA considers himself a good time trialist and breakaway rider. “I want to improve upon my climbing and continue to improve my time trialing and breakaway riding,” said Evan.

“I was impressed with Evan’s ride at US Pro Nationals in the time trial and heard a lot of good things about him,” said team owner and director Axel Merckx. “He hasn’t been racing for a very long time so I feel like his growth margin is still very big. I’m looking forward to seeing where his development and growth will take him.”

  • Nickname: Big country
  • What's your spirit animal: elephant
  • Favorite post-race meal: pasta primavera
  • What doesn’t belong on pizza: sharp knives (or pineapples)
  • Top of your bucket list: going backpacking through the Rockies
  • Most famous person in your cellphone: Axel Mercx
  • What country would you like to visit: Australia
  • Would you rather get paid $200,000 tomorrow or $500 per week for the rest of your life? I would rather have 500 dollars per week; after 10 years I will have exceeded the 200,000 I could have had tomorrow (even with proper investing). Fiscally, it would be wiser to have 500 dollars a week.
  • If a song played every time you walked into a room, what song would you choose and why: Country girl shake it for me. My sisters would think it’s really funny.
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