Kasper's Story

Words: Chad Childers Stripes Date: 10 March 2023

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The Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team added Kasper Anderson as the first signing of the 2022 season. The 2020 Junior European Road Race champion joined Axeon from the Danish Continental team ColoQuick.

The 21-year-old from Copenhagen, Denmark enjoys a variety of racing, particularly difficult and long races with some hills and short climbs. He is also not deterred by crosswinds as he has endured them his whole life living in Denmark. The young Dane has been a great compliment to the team as he is a rider who maintains a good sprint even at the end of a hard race and finds, “the harder the race, the better I am in the final,” said Kasper.

“Wearing the white jersey riding through my hometown at the Tour of Denmark was my favorite moment in 2023,” he said.

Best thing you learned last year? “Never give up.”

What are you looking forward to this year? “Riding the big races with the team and getting the results I’ve been looking for the last couple of years.”

  • Nickname: Ronaldo
  • What's your spirit animal: tiger
  • Favorite post-race meal: pizza
  • What doesn’t belong on pizza: pineapple
  • Top of your bucket list: visit all my friends in the US
  • Most famous person in your cellphone: Tadej Pocagar
  • What country would you like to visit: Portugal
  • Would you rather get paid $200,000 tomorrow or $500 per week for the rest of your life? 500 per week
  • If a song played every time you walked into a room, what song would you choose and why: the song when lightning McQueen is in the truck before the race, so people know I’m the main character hahaha.
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