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Leo's Story

Words: Chad Childers Stripes Date: 10 March 2022

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The Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling team finalized its 2022 roster with the signing of U23 British National Champion in the individual time trial and the winner of the 2021 U23 Liège - Bastogne - Liège. Leo joined Axeon from Team Development DSM.

“I'm really excited to have the opportunity to join a team with such a prestigious history,” said Leo. “The setup is ideal for me to make the next steps in my cycling career.”

The London native made the move to Girona, Spain for the season to train and race. Leo considers his climbing and TT ability as his major standouts, but has a unique perspective that many riders do not: a track background that gives him the insight and knowledge to read a race better than most.

For 2022, Leo hopes to increase his general confidence in the peloton, and also learn how to lead a team. “I think both of these things will help me become a more complete bike rider,” he said.

  • Current city: London
  • Languages spoken: English
  • Favorite city: New York
  • Favorite food: Pasta Pesto
  • Favorite film: Spirited Away
  • Hobbies: Streetwear, video games
  • Book or Album reading/listening to right now: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • Race you'd like to win someday: Il Lombardia
  • Interesting fact about you: I’m colourblind
  • Are hotdogs a sandwich or taco? They deserve their own category tbh
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