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Nino's Story

Words: Chad Childers Stripes Date: 10 March 2023

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Nino de Jong first joined the Hagens Berman Axeon Cycling Team as a stagiaire in 2022 from JEGG-DJR Academy.

The 20-year-old from Steenbergen, Netherlands is the son of former professional football player Ad de Jong. Nino made a big impression in 2021 with his victory at De Grote Prijs van Steenbergen.

“The transition from the juniors to U23 was a big step for me,” said Nino. “It's much more difficult. More demanding. But I think races that have a bit of climbing, they suit me. And I can handle it.”

“Nino has a lot to prove, but he is with us because of his potential,” said sport director Koos Moerenhout. “And this in combination with the speed at which he has developed in a few years. Many people probably don’t know this but he has only been on the bike for two years.”

“Being able to help out the team and do a good race in Maryland [Cycling Classic] was a big highlight for me in 2023,” said Nino. “Not to mention racing on another continent! I made a focus last year to try to see irritating things as an opportunity to improve, in any way possible.”

  • Nickname: Wervelwind van Steenbergen
  • My spirit animal: Manta
  • Favorite post race meal: BBQ Chicken pizza with garlic sauce
  • What doesn’t belong on pizza: shoelaces
  • Top of my bucket list: turning world-tour
  • Most famous person in my phone: Axel Merckx
  • Country I would like to visit: Indonesia
  • Would you rather get paid $200,000 tomorrow or $500 per week for the rest of your life? I would rather get paid €500 a week.
  • What are you looking forward to this year? TT nationals in my hometown!
  • The song I would like to be played would be: No Good by KALEO. The song has a strong character with some edge to it.
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